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Our highly trained and qualified instructors will teach your child how to develop confidence, make the right decisions, provide information on how to act in a certain way that keeps them out of trouble and to use self defence only when necessary so they can defend themselves against bullies.

We’ve designed this course specifically so it gives children the skills needed to protect themselves should they ever need it. We want parents to sleep easier at night knowing their child is safe and comfortable at school or in public places.

We aim to make each lesson fun so children cannot wait to learn more techniques. Another great benefit is that families can spend more quality time together. 

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In order to gain the full experience of this course and gain all of the key features below, let our instructors guide you through each important lesson. As you progress through the course your child will learn all the skills required to defend themselves against bullies.  

Key Benefits

Self Defence
Improve Your Fitness


Team GB Jujitsu Athlete

Dion Fitzpatrick

Dion Fitzpatrick is an instructor with over 10 years experience in multiple Martial Arts.

Dion joined Team GB Jujitsu in 2016. Since then he has won multiple titles, including the Welsh Jujitsu National Championship in 2023. Dion is a Black Belt in the art that he has admired since starting at the age of 14 years old. 

Throughout his career he has practised in many different forms of Martial Arts that include Wing Chun, MMA and he’s also experienced in different forms of weapons training from his days practising in the art of Kali. 

Dion’s main focus now from all the knowledge he has acquired over the years is to teach people self defence so you can also have the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Dion is also an owner in a Martial Arts event business called Submission Series. This platform gives some of the best BJJ athletes in the UK a stage to compete on and hopefully get recognised for their talents. 

Team GB Jujitsu Athlete

Zac Robinson

Zac Robinson is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in traditional Jujitsu who has been training for over 15 years.

Zac is part of the Great Britain Elite Squad. He is a two-time WCJJO World Champion. Zac has also won the British and Welsh National Championship and fought in different countries around the world.

Adding to Zac’s achievements, he is a brown belt in Judo and has won multiple competitions in the art.

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Your questions answered

Lifetime Plan:

Pay upfront to unlock this incredible offer which gives you access to keep the entire course!

Our highly trained and qualified instructors will help and teach your child how to develop confidence and also give them the skills to defend themselves against bullies should they ever need it. 

Monthly Plan:

Allows you to pay a monthly subscription for access to our course.

You will learn all the same techniques in both packages. 

This course is designed for children from 4 to 16 years old. 

Please progress to our Street Defence or Women’s Self Defence course at age 16 for further development. 

We encourage partnering up with a training partner or family member to get the most out of this course. However, the content can be learnt on your own with our easy online access which you can use for studying.

You can learn all the content on this course without. 

Absolutely! We encourage parents to interact with their child so they can track their progress and help guide them.

Absolutely! We understand that it can be a very sad time for parents to hear that their child is getting bullied.

That is why we will develop your child with confidence and give them the skills required to neutralise and negotiate bullies by using this course. 

As soon as possible! Not only will children learn self defence, we will also provide information on how to reduce the chances of being attacked. 

When a child makes a mistake, try not to focus on the error as we do not want your child to lose confidence. Instead, try to emphasise and talk about the correct aspects. By using this positive approach, we help children reach their full potential and not cause them to lose interest. We also understand that everyone learns at a different pace.

Avoid the fight at all costs. However, if your child doesn’t have that privilege, then by all means you have the right to defend yourself and you must do! 

Use minimal force, establish control through leverage so you can neutralise bullies.

Our course is designed to teach your child self defence so they can defend themselves against bullies. We teach discipline, responsibility and respect throughout the course.

We also talk about useful tricks like staying in big groups at school to avoid attacks or as we like to call it “strength in numbers.” 

Please contact us via email if you wish to book private lessons in person or live streams online.

This course is designed for realistic situations so the techniques can be effective.

We want your child to develop the skills required so they can handle bullies in the best way possible. More content will be added in time and you can also request programs to be made by contacting us via email.

Once you have completed 20 techniques on this course, record yourself demonstrating, send your videos into Defence Student via email so our instructors can asses your performance and then we will provide feedback.

If your standards meet Defence Student, you would have passed your online grading and we will send you a grey belt and certificate in the post.

Please note, we may require live streams for gradings on some occasions. Parents will need to be present or someone that is at least 18 years old. If you fail your grading, you will be allowed to take an extra grading in due time which will be free of charge. 

Gradings will cost £39.99

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