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With knife and gun crime on the rise, assaults on the increase, road rage on the up, bullying, sexual assaults and the world becoming a much more dangerous place, we decided that we had to make a stand to educate and help those that wanted to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

You never know, when you might just need the skills and techniques that we teach, but having been taught these principles you will have more confidence in knowing that if the need ever arises you will have the skills to make a difference.

You cannot put a price on your family’s safety, and by signing up to Defence Student you will be joining a team of world renowned and respected Martial Art experts that really care and who want to make a difference to people’s well being.

Fitness, confidence, are just a few of the by products of what you will gain, and knowing that you can adapt and overcome any situation will help you sleep better at night.

The journey you will embark on will change you as a person and help you in life.

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We Provide You With Some Of The Most Highly Trained And Qualified Instructors In The World.

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We Give You The Skills required To Protect Yourself And More Importantly, Your Loved Ones.

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frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Our highly trained and qualified instructors will give you all the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Also, we will provide you with details on how to be aware of your surroundings which will help you detect future danger so you can prevent life threatening situations. 

You will also be given the opportunity to achieve your Black Belt in whichever Martial Art of your choosing. 

Please contact us via email for more information. 

No experience is necessary! Our instructors are highly trained in teaching you all the techniques and providing you with the required information.

You simply decide which course you would like to learn, then you will be given the option to purchase a Lifetime Plan upfront which gives you the ability to have full access to the entire course for an incredible offer!

Or you can choose a monthly subscription plan if you wish to test out the course to see if you enjoy it first.

You will then be given full access to that course once you have chosen the right plan for you.

All our courses provide you with the required information so you can decide which one is best for you.

Yes! We offer a VIP package option so you can get full access to the entire collection that includes: Bully Buster, Street Defence and Women’s Self Defence.

Absolutely! You can cancel your monthly subscription plan at anytime, we do not hold you accountable for any long term contracts. 

We do recommend that you cancel your plan at the end of the month so you can continue to enjoy our video content because your access will be removed as soon as you submit your cancellation. 

If you press cancel by mistake, do not worry because the option to re-active will come up straight away!  

Promotion codes give you 20% off on your first course purchase when you sign up! Please note, it can only be used once per user.

Promotion codes on merchandise from our store will be given through our referral program when people sign up from your doing. This is our way of saying thank you!

Please contact us if any of your friends sign up so we can offer discount on merchandise using our store or commission. 

Defence Student has no set grading dates, or time restrictions that would hold a student back from achieving their goals sooner.

Once you have mastered all the required techniques in the syllabus, you will be given the opportunity to record yourself performing those techniques with your training partner. Then send in your videos, they will be assessed by our instructors. 

They will give feedback on your performance so you know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can then adjust your training habits. If your techniques meet Defence Student standards, you will have passed the grading.

The next syllabus will then become available to you. The instructors may require a live stream on some occasions so they can watch you perform your grading. 

For whatever reason you failed on your grading, you will be given 1 free attempt to correct your mistakes and perfect your techniques. 

Once you’ve passed your grading, we will send your belt and certificate out in the post.

This requires a lot of hard work and dedication, however, we hold no grading dates or time restrictions that would hold a student back from achieving their goals soon.

The quality of the student needs to meet Defence Student standards. With our instructors and advanced training system, we estimate that it would take our students a quicker process. However, this decision will depend on the chosen art and the instructor teaching the course. 

Absolutely! Our training drills are designed to increase your fitness.

Absolutely! We understand that it can be a very sad time for parents knowing their child is getting bullied. That is why we’ve specifically designed our Bully Buster course so it gives children the confidence and skills needed to protect themselves should they ever need it.

Not only are children taught self defence, but also given advise on how to be confident and act in a certain way to reduce the chances of being bullied.

This helps parents sleep better at night knowing their child is safe and comfortable at school or in public places. 

Absolutely! Unfortunately rape and sexual abuse can happen to anyone regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, culture or social status. 

That is why we teach and help women develop confidence and give them the ability how to use leverage, technique and timing over strength so anyone regardless of age or athletic ability are able to defend themselves against larger and stronger attackers. 

Absolutely! Unfortunately knife crime and gun violence is on the rise.

That is why we understand how important it is to make sure you have all the skills required to adapt and overcome various weapons in life threatening situations so you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Please contact us via email for more information.

Yes! If you’d like private coaching, online or in person with our instructors then please contact us via email with your enquire and we will get back to you soon with all the information.

Yes! If any school would like to book a free 1 hour seminar, please contact us via email for more information.

If you want to know more information about a gym booking, we can also provide you with further information via email. 

Yes! We hold charity seminars so we can meet and greet our members. We also allow access to the general public so we can potentially gain new members and share what we teach to you.

We will teach self defence techniques and answer questions throughout the day. Please look out for future dates and areas near you.

Defence Student will provide all the information via email if you need more assistance. 

Absolutely! We encourage instructors, athletes and content creators to film their own content and upload it using our Defence Student platform. 

You keep 80% of all income generated when customers purchase your content and you can also decide how much you want to sell your content for using a yearly plan, monthly subscription option or a one off payment or special offer.  

Simple visit the Instructor Sign Up page or contact us via email for more information. If you like what you hear, send your content to us and we will create you a page and upload all your videos. 

Welcome to the Only Fans for Martial Arts!

Yes! We will a create a step by step plan for you and then see if your up for the challenge. 

Please visit the Instructor Sign Up page or contact us via email for more information. 

Yes! Defence Student offers a referral program in which those who refer an instructor or content creator to the platform can earn 5% of the referred creator’s earnings for the first 6 months up to the first £1 million earned by the referred creator. 

There are no limitations to the number of referred creators or total referral earnings. Referrals are paid out monthly on the last business day of the month or around the beginning of the next month.  

Please contact us via email for more information. 

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